Vehicle Fluid Maintenance

At Paul's Integrity Auto Repair we offer the following vehicle fluid services:

  • Fuel/Air Induction Service
  • Transmission fluid exchange
  • Coolant fluid exchange
  • Differential fluid service
  • Brake fluid exchange 
  • Engine performance service
  • Climate control service
  • Platinum fuel service
Vehicle Fluid Maintenance | Paul's Integrity Auto Repair LLC
Vehicle Fluid Maintenance | Paul's Integrity Auto Repair LLC

Brake fluid exchange service

Brake Fluid Exchange Service | Paul's Integrity Auto Repair LLC

Keep your brake system working efficiently with a brake fluid exchange at Paul's Integrity Auto Repair. Over time, brake fluid becomes contaminated with moisture and other debris, which increases the corrosion of the brake system components and decreases the performance of your brake system.

Manufacturers recommend exchanging your brake fluid every few years or sooner if needed.


Differential Fluid Service

Differential Fluid Service | Paul's Integrity Auto Repair LLC

Over time the differential fluid gets dirty, breaks down and needs to be replaced. Worn or contaminated differential fluid can lead to noise, excessive wear of differential gears and bearings, and eventually complete failure of the differential assembly.

Its recommended that your vehicle's differential fluid be changed every 30,000 miles. Contact  Paul's Integrity Auto Repair to have us inspect your differential fluid in your vehicle.


Oil Change Service

Engine oil lubricates the internal, moving parts of an engine and reduces damaging friction that decreases engine performance. When an engine is driven low on oil, it greatly reduces the life span of the engine. It's important to change your engine oil and filter every 5,000 miles to avoid buildup of sludge in the engines narrow oil passages and prevent excessive wear and corrosion of the internal mechanical parts.

What is Synthetic Oil?

Synthetic oil is made by breaking down and rebuilding petroleum molecules. Conventional  oil is made using refined crude oil. According to the American Automobile  Association, synthetic oil outperformed conventional oils by 47% in conducted tests.

Advantages of Synthetic Oil

  •  Resits oxidation and chemical degradation
  • Withstands high and low temperature extremes 
  • Provides better engine start-up protection
  • Produces less sludge in engine-keeps engine cleaner
  • Longer oil change interval compared to conventional oil
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