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The steering and suspension system of your vehicle is what helps you maintain control of your vehicle when on the road. Additionally, the steering and suspension system work together to provide a safer and smoother ride while driving.

There are two main types of steering systems used on modern vehicles today, Parallelogram steering-(the two sides of the steering linkage run parallel to each other and are equal in distance) and Rack & Pinion steering. Parallelogram steering uses (four tie rod ends), one inner and outer tie rod on each side that are connected together with an adjustment sleeve, a center link which connects between the tie rods and idler arm on the passenger side. There is a pitman arm that is attached to the steering gear output shaft. Both the idler arm and pitman arms are attached to the center link. When the steering wheel is turned the center link transfers the movement from the pitman arm to the idler arm, and the tie rod ends. This steering system is commonly found in trucks, vans and Jeeps.

In both steering systems a power steering pump can be used to supply hydraulic pressure to the steering gear or rack & pinion assembly, which provides assistance to the driver during turning.

The Rack & Pinion steering system utilizes inner and outer tie rod ends to connect the rack & pinion to the steering knuckles. The rack & pinion is connected to a steering column shaft, when you turn the steering wheel, the pinion gear spins, moving the rack to either side.

Common warning signs that indicate you need to have your steering system looked at by one our qualified steering service technicians:

  • Having difficulties steering-(Hard Steering)
  • Whining noise when turning the steering wheel
  • Squealing noise when I turn my steering wheel
  • Notice a power steering fluid leak or fluid level is low
  • Slipping steering wheel
  • Uneven wear of tires
  • Alignment issues
  • Tires shake  or Wandering
  • Death wobble at high speeds

Steering System Repair We Perform

  • Rack & Pinion steering assembly replacement
  • We replace tie rod ends, center links, idler arms, and pitman arms
  • Power steering leak repairs
  • Diagnose power steering system problems
  • Power steering belt replacement
  • Steering gear replacement
  • 4 Wheel Alignment
  • Wheel bearing replacement

Whenever a steering or suspension system component is replaced , we highly recommend an alignment be performed on the vehicle!

Suspension System

The suspension system in modern day vehicles ensure that the vehicle can handle bumps, turns and anything else encountered during a drive. The suspension system is composed of several parts that play a role in allowing passengers to maintain control of their vehicle and also enjoy a comfortable ride,

The two most common suspension systems found in a modern vehicle is independent and dependent suspension.

Independent Suspension System- Allows each wheel on the same axle to move vertically, when reacting to a bump in the road, independently of each other.

Dependent Suspension System-This system has one solid axle that connects both wheels. When one wheel absorbs a shock or a bump, this motion is transferred to the other wheel. Dependent suspension provides less comfort and stability while driving then independent suspension, however, this type of suspension is preferred when driving on rough terrains or when heavy duty/heavy load applications are needed.

Both suspension systems utilize coil springs. In a front-wheel drive vehicle the coil spring is part of the MacPherson strut assembly, while in a rear-wheel-drive vehicle the spring is separated from the shock absorber. Additionally a front-wheel-drive vehicle uses a lower control arm, which is connected to the steering knuckle via a lower ball joint. In a conventional system there is an upper and lower control arm which connect to the steering knuckle via a ball joint.

Suspension System Repair We Perform-

  • Coil spring replacement
  • Strut and shock replacement
  • Control arm and ball joint replacement
  • Lift kit installation
  • Wheel bearing replacement
  • Air suspension diagnostics and repairs
  • Sway bar bushings and sway bar link replacement
  • Control arm bushing replacement

Common warning signs that indicate that you need to have your suspension system checked by our technicians include:

  • Uneven tire wear
  • Bouncing on bumps or dips
  • Vehicle nose dives during braking
  • Vehicle pulls to one side
  • Vehicle pulls to one side during cornering
  • Cluncking or rattling noise
  • Loose or wandering steering
  • Vibrations felt inside vehicle
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