Automotive Diagnostics Services in Dover, NH

Paul's Integrity Auto Repair diagnostics services include:

  • Emissions Diagnostic
  • Brake/ABS System Diagnostic
  • Engine Diagnostic
  • Electrical Diagnostic
  • Mechanical Diagnostic
  • ChargingSystem Diagnostic
  • Transmission Diagnostic
OBD 2 port in vehicle | Paul's Integrity Auto Repair LLC

OBD (On-board Diagnostics) became mandatory in all vehicles sold in the United States in 1996. Each vehicle has a 16 pin connector that allows an automotive technician to retrieve trouble codes, monitor individual system components as well as perform multiple tests on components. Trouble codes are stored in the ECM-(Engine Control Module) or also known as the PCM-(Powertrain Control Module). Modern day vehicles have at least one main computer but most vehicles being produced today have anywhere from 30-100 plus computers in them. Each of the computers receive inputs from various sensors throughout the vehicle.

The lights and gauges in your vehicle warn you of a potential problem with one or more of the vehicle's computer systems, If one of your warning lights turn on in your vehicle's dash, call the diagnostic experts at Paul's Integrity Auto Repair to diagnose your issue!

Warning Lights To Pay Attention To:


Check Engine Warning Indicator


Check Engine Warning Indicator | Paul's Integrity Auto Repair LLC

When the Check Engine Light illuminates on the dash, the ECM-(Engine Control Module) is detecting a problem with the emissions system or engine performance. Possible causes could be anything from a misfire detected in one of the cylinders in the engine to a loose gas cap.

A blinking check engine light means there is a serious problem and its best not to continue to drive the vehicle or damage to engine or other components can occur. If the engine light comes on and stays steady, the ECM is telling the driver that there is a problem and it should be serviced as soon as possible, however, the vehicle can continue to be driven till a service appointment is made. Its important to remember that the longer you go with a check engine light on, the more damage can be done to the vehicle.

Please call us if your check engine light is on or flashing!


Brake Warning Indicator


A brake warning light indicates a potential problem with the vehicle's braking system. If the brake warning light comes on, first check that the emergency parking brake is not engaged and if it is not, check the brake fluid level. If you feel a spongy brake pedal its best to call us and make a service appointment and not drive the vehicle. Call Paul's Integrity Auto Repair for brake diagnostic advice.


ABS-(Anti-lock Braking System) Warning Indicator


ABS light diagnostics | Paul's Integrity Auto Repair LLC

An ABS warning light indicates a failure in the vehicle's anti-lock braking system. If the ABS light comes on, contact Paul's Integrity Auto Repair for a brake system inspection and a fault code check. Even though the ABS light is on the vehicle's conventional braking system may still be working. Its important to remember that driving a vehicle without ABS greatly reduces full brake system effectiveness and vehicle control during a panic stop scenario. Call Paul's Integrity Auto Repair for ABS diagnostic service.


Battery Warning Light


If the battery warning light illuminates its usually an indication that the battery is not receiving a proper charge from the vehicle's charging system. The battery may not be the actual problem, it could be a failing alternator or poor electrical connection within the charging system. Call Paul's for battery light diagnostic service!


Oil Pressure Warning Light


Oil Pressure Warning Light | Paul's Integrity Auto Repair LLC

If your vehicle's oil warning light comes on do not drive the vehicle. Low oil pressure can cause expensive engine damage. One thing that you can do is check your oil level and add oil to the correct level. If the oil warning light does not turn off, call Paul's Integrity Auto Repair for a service appointment. Our trained technicians and staff will help you determine whether the vehicle is safe to be driven to us or if it needs to be towed for diagnosis.


Coolant Temperature Warning light


Coolant Temperature Warning light | Paul's Integrity Auto Repair LLC

If your vehicle's coolant temperature warning light comes on, the engine coolant temperature has exceeded a safe operating limit. Most cars have a needle gauge which shows cold to hot, but some vehicles don't have a gauge.If the coolant warning light comes on in your vehicle, pull over the vehicle and let the engine cool down. Don't attempt to remove the radiator cap when the engine is hot because serious burns can result. Serious damage or complete engine failure can result from driving a vehicle with an overheated engine.Call Paul's Integrity Auto Repair to have your vehicle's cooling system diagnosed!


Tire Pressure Monitor System


Tire Pressure Monitor System | Paul's Integrity Auto Repair LLC

The TPMS warning light-(Tire Pressure Monitor System) comes on when the vehicle computer detects that one of the tires on the vehicle has low pressure. In this system there is a sensor mounted on the inside of the rim that transfers pressure outputs to the computer module. If your TPMS warning light comes on, stop by Paul's Integrity Auto Repair for a complimentary tire pressure check. If further diagnostics are needed, our trained technicians have you covered!


Transmission Temperature Warning Light


Transmission Temperature Warning Light | Paul's Integrity Auto Repair LLC

The transmission temperature warning light is usually a yellow or red thermometer surrounded by a gear but the words "AT OIL TEMP" can also be displayed on the dash. This warning light is indicating that the transmission in the vehicle is overheating. We recommend you pull the vehicle over to a safe place and let the transmission cool down. Common reasons for a transmission overheating include low transmission fluid level, hauling heavy loads for a long period of time, internal transmission failure or lack of maintenance. Most manufacturers recommend replacing transmission fluid in a vehicle starting at 30,000 miles. Transmission fluid breaks down just like engine oil, but not as fast. As transmission fluid ages it loses its ability to lubricate the internal components of a transmission, which leads to expense repairs. Call Paul's Integrity Auto Repair for transmission fluid service, diagnostics and repairs!

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