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What is a Car Alternator?

You will typically find an alternator bolted to your engine in your vehicle. The alternator has a pulley on it that is driven by a serpentine belt via the crankshaft pulley on the engine. The alternator supplies DC voltage  to the vehicles electrical components such as headlights, radio, power windows, windshield wipers and dashboard accessories . The alternator also supplies the vehicles battery with voltage to be stored internally. 

Alternators can last the lifetime of your vehicle, but like many vehicle components, they are prone to general wear and tear. Overuse, heat damage, faulty internal parts, water exposure, or damaged wires can shorten the life of your vehicles alternator.

Common signs of a bad alternator:

  • Your battery keeps dying 
  • Dim or unusually bright dash lights or exterior lights 
  • Trouble starting vehicle Battery light lit up on vehicle dash 
  • Groaning, squeaking or whining noise from alternator 
  • Burning rubber smell from alternator area

Free Battery Testing:


When its time to replace your car battery, Paul's Integrity Auto Repair  offers a Free battery test. Bring your vehicle to our shop and our experienced technicians will perform a digital battery load test to confirm whether or not your car battery is reaching the end of its lifespan or is just needs charge to bring it back to life. If your car needs a new battery, Paul's Integrity Auto Repair has an assortment of car batteries in stock that fit a variety of makes and models. Our car batteries come with a 2 Year, Free replacement.

The average lifespan of a car battery is 3 to 5 years. Car batteries are exposed to extreme hot and cold temperatures and as they age the batteries resistance to these change in temperatures decrease significantly and this reduces the batteries performance.  A car battery that sits for a long period of time and does not receive a constant charge can also loose its ability to fully charge again.

Symptoms of a weak battery:

  • Corrosion on battery terminals 
  • Clicking sound when turning the ignition key 
  • Slow cranking Lights on dash are dim or battery light comes on 
  • Car needs a jump start 
  • Battery case is bulging or leaking fluid

If your vehicle is having difficulties starting or your battery is not charging, schedule an appointment with our professional technicians to have your charging system or alternator inspected at Paul's Integrity Auto Repair!

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