Air Conditioner  Service & Repair

The air conditioning system in a vehicle works by changing refrigerant back and forth between a gaseous state and a liquid state, As the refrigerant is changing its state it is absorbing heat and moisture from the vehicle and providing a cool,dry air into the passenger cabin.

Automotive air-conditioning systems have the following components that comprise the system:

AC Compressor-

  • The ac compressor is mounted on the engine and is driven by the serpentine belt
  • The compressor takes the low pressure gas and compresses it into high-pressure, high-temperature gas. The low-pressure side is  kept separate from the high-pressure side.
  • The compressor send the high-pressure, high-temperature gas to the ac condensor

AC Condensor-

  •  The ac condensor is mounted in the front of the vehicle's radiator
  • The condensor receives the high-temp, high-pressure gas from the compressor and cools the gas. This process converts the gas into a liquid
  • The liquid is then transferred to the ac receiver/dryer assembly.

AC Receiver/Dryer-

The ac receiver/dryer removes any water and impurities from the liquid refrigerant and sends it to the ac evaporator inside the vehicle.

AC Evaporator-

  • The ac evaporator is located inside the HVAC box inside the dash board of the vehicle.
  • The blower motor blows air over the evaporator changing the liquid into a low-pressure gas. This process removes hot air in the passenger cabin and leaves cold, dry air.
  •  The low-pressure gas is then sent back to the ac compressor to be changed back into a high-pressure gas and start the process all over again.

Auto air conditioning services at Paul's Integrity Auto Repair-

  • We provide environmental friendly R134a and 1234yf refrigerant system recharges
  • Repair and replacement of air conditioning parts
  • Troubleshooting of air conditioning system
  • Air conditioning UV Dye Test
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