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Routine Maintenance

If you want to avoid costly vehicle repairs, reach out to Paul's Integrity Auto Repair for routine maintenance service for your vehicle. You can look to us for everything from an oil change and tire rotation, to timing belt replacement and AC service.

Why Vehicle Maintenance is Important

By following the regular maintenance schedule, you can keep several vehicle problems at bay. Keeping up with the regular maintenance schedule can help by preventing costly repairs of the cooling system, transmission system, drivetrain and other components. Preventive car care reduces wear and tear of the engine and other components that extend the life of your vehicle.

Here are some of the routine inspections that are part of vehicle maintenance:

Fluids: Systems in your vehicle use fluids for functioning. Since they are enclosed in tight chambers, there is no risk of evaporation. However, over time, their levels deplete and the level of protection they offer against friction decreases. If you neglect vehicle maintenance, there will be more wear and tear of the engine and other components, and ultimately you will be required to replace them.

Tires: The right air pressure and proper rotation ensures equal wearing of your tires. Maintaining the correct air pressure is the easiest thing to do and you can get it done at a gas station when refueling. It doesn’t take much time but it goes a long way in increasing gas mileage and reducing wear and tear.

Oil Change: It is one of the most important aspects of vehicle maintenance that you should keep your eye on. Auto experts suggest vehicle owners change their oil after every 3,000 to 5,000 miles. It is essential to maintain your engine in good condition.

Always remember, vehicle maintenance might cost you a few hundred dollars while replacements and emergency repairs can cost thousands or more.

Most manufacturers recommend major services at 30,000-mile intervals. Paul’s will help you keep your vehicle up to date on all its services. We keep track for you what you have done and when you need services next.

Service Item:
  • Lube, Oil change & Filter- 3k conv, 5k synth
  • Tire Rotation - Every 6 months
  • Transmission Service- 3 yrs/ 36K Power
  • Steering Flush- 3yrs/ 36K
  • Brake Fluid Exchange- 2yrs/ 30K Coolant Service- 3yrs/ 36K
  • Heating and Air Conditioning Service/Repair
  • Fuel System Cleaning- 1yr/ 12K Brakes- Inspected Yearly
  • Spark Plugs- varies per vehicle
  • Filters, belts, hoses, lights- Inspect at every oil change
  • Every car is different. We will help you make sure you get the services your car needs based upon manufacturing recommendations.

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