Advanced Engine Diagnostics & Electrical Capabilities


Advanced Engine Diagnostics & Electrical Capabilities

On occasion basic diagnostic skills are not enough. The certified team at Paul’s Integrity is up to the challenge! We have the most advanced diagnostic scanners, automotive lab scopes, etc. to help diagnose your vehicle issues quickly and efficiently. 

The Basics Behind Engine Diagnostics Services-

The OBD System, or On-Board Diagnostics System, was originally installed to monitor vehicle emissions, but it also detects problems within the engine. Both OBD I and OBD II systems exist, with OBD II systems becoming the standard in vehicles manufactured after 1996. The OBD is connected to the engine control unit (ECU), which helps your engine run efficiently while keeping emissions low. The OBD can identify and warn the driver of engine malfunction by sending error notifications to the ECU system. The ECU is in charge of several engine processes, including the mixture of air and fuel, emissions, and engine timing. The ECU uses sensors to monitor them or make adjustments. If the ECU detects malfunctions, it triggers the “check engine” light on the dashboard. The OBD system then records the code pertaining to the problem. The code can be accessed by a trained technician through engine diagnostic equipment in order to properly diagnose the issues. 

Why Should You Have Engine Diagnostics Services Performed?

Engine diagnostics serve to keep your engine running efficiently. The OBD system is capable of detecting malfunctions before they lower engine performance or cause severe damage. Because of the mandatory OBD system, your automobile is capable of monitoring and diagnosing its own performance. You should have engine diagnostics performed when the “check engine” light comes on. Engine diagnostics will help detect problems early so that minor problems never become major problems. Engine diagnostics also help keep emissions low, and if your engine is malfunctioning, your vehicle might not pass an emissions test. When your “check engine” light turns on, it is time for you to contact us for an engine diagnostics service. Our experienced staff will work hard to get your engine working again properly in no time

Some reasons for diagnostic testing- 

  • Engine Diagnosis- Check engine light
  • Electrical Diagnosis- Battery light on, vehicle won’t start
  • Brake System Diagnosis- Brake light, ABS Light or TCS light
  • Charging System Diagnosis- Mechanical Diagnosis

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